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Project Information

EPOSbed™ is expected to have an important impact in the field of assistive technologies for patients with reduced mobility. The main markets foreseen are public and private hospitals, residences and also private homes. The main factor driving success in the different markets is price. For that reason we foresee EPOSbed™ will be offered as different products, addressing different market niches.

In that sense we envisage the commercialization of the complete product, comprising the bed frame and the intelligent movement detector, or as individual products. For example, the medical bed with lateral positioning can be marketed independently using a remote controller (i.e. no intelligent movement detection). Also, the intelligent movement detection can be offered as an open product able to command cheaper commercial beds from external suppliers. Finally, the capabilities of the bed frame can be also adapted to different applications; i.e. by offering lower number of actuators for low cost applications or with a medical software analysis for pressure pattern detection.

We expect private hospitals will be at the high end of the market, while residences and private homes will be located at the lower end. A patent has been requested to protect the results of the project. Also the brand name EPOSbed™ has been registered.